(children must be 5 yrs by December of the current year)

At Montessori we believe that early childhood is a significant period in human development and we follow the Alberta Government Kindergarten Statement’s Objectives and Philosophy, and in most cases exceed what is stipulated for this age group. After a complete and very thorough examination of our program, the Alberta Education Division has accepted and accredited our school to offer the ECS program because they were completely satisfied that our teachers, and our program met and exceeded the standards needed to be approved.

Our teachers are Alberta credited, Bachelor of Education certificated as well as Montessori accredited to teach this program. These teachers have also had extensive years of experience in both the public and private education systems, but now choose to teach at our facility.

Our program offers the Montessori curriculum along with the Kindergarten statement as outlined by Alberta Education. Our program is set up with the following objectives:

- to meet the needs of all children
- to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to prepare for life-long learning
- children with special needs are treated with strategies for success and learn through interaction with other children
- parents are encouraged to become involved in their child’s learning
- community organizations become part of the year long program with field trips,
guest speakers and other agencies

The Kindergarten program statement provides learner expectations in six learning areas:
-Early Language Arts, Mathematics, Community and Environmental Awareness, Personal and Social Responsibility, Physical Skills and Well-being, Creative and Cultural Expression.

ECS/Kindergarten School Sessions:

AM 8:30 or 9:00 - 11:30 am
PM 12:00 or 12:30 - 3:00 pm

5 half days/week as well as Full Day Options

$250 Student Fees (one-time fee)
100% Alberta Education funded - No monthly fee

~New~ Full Day Kindergarten options available beginning Jan, 2014.

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Question we are often asked: Since most children will eventually have to go to the neighbourhood schools, wouldn't it be better for them to make the transition in kindergarten rather than in first grade?

Since most children will eventually have to go to the neighbourhood schools, wouldn't it be better for them to make the transition in kindergarten rather than in first grade?

The American Montessori Society (AMS) tells of one father who wrote:
"We considered the school years ahead. We realized a child will do his best if he has good learning habits, a sound basis in numbers and math, and the ability to read. We realized that he has had an excellent two-year start in his Montessori school. If he were to transfer now to kindergarten, he would probably go no farther than he is now, whereas if he stays in Montessori, he will reap the benefits of his past work under the enthusiastic guidance of teachers who will share his joy in learning."

Many families are aware that by the end of the kindergarten year, Montessori students will often have developed academic skills that may be beyond those of children enrolled in most public kindergarten programs. However, parents should remember that academic progress is not our ultimate goal. Our real hope is that the children will have an incredible sense of self-confidence, enthusiasm for learning, and will feel closely bonded to their teachers and classmates. We want much more than competency in the basic skills; we want to them to honestly enjoy school and feel good about themselves as students.

Once children have developed a high degree of self-confidence, independence, and enthusiasm for the learning process, they normally can adapt to all sorts of new situations. By the time they are first grade, they will typically be able to go off to their new school with a vibrant curiosity and excitement about making new friends and learning new things.