Okotoks Montessori Preschool Administrator Sharlene Brown

Hello from Sharlene! The two loves of my life are there, on my lap. They are the initial reason why I became passionate about Montessori training and philosophy, as I wanted only the best education for them. Montessori allowed them independence; freedom to make choices; all the while giving them an academic foundation on which to build.

When I visit with parents who are touring our school, I am often asked if Montessori is for everyone. My answer is a resounding YES YES YES, our staff truly believe it is an education for every child.

Montessori education is referred to a whole education.

Yes, each of our Montessori materials are academically based, so while the child is 'working', they are actually learning mathematical, language arts, sensorial or practical skills. They also develop self-confidence as each Montessori material has a built-in control of error, so the child can successfully check their own work - refine their answers and be able to say "I did this by myself.". But we offer more than just this. We offer Practical Life skills - how to blow and clean their nose appropriately and effectively, always with a kleenex. How to greet another classmateand introduce a classmate to a visitor in the classroom. How to wipe up a spill they made at snack time. How to sweep up their mess after they spilled it. How to improve their gross motor skills on the Oval Line. How to finesse their fine motor skills through various Montessori applications. How fascinatng other parts of the world are, and to imagine children just like them and learn about how they do and celebrate things. And there's more! (Isn't this an education for all children!)

Teaching a Montessori child is the most gratifying job I could ask for. Seeing their eyes light up when they have mastered their work, the glow of accomplishment when they show me their materials; it's a wonderful place that I need to be.

And now look at my two loves (oops, three, with my hubby!), all growing up, one that is now driving and the other who is so thrilled to be in Junior High. How has being within a Montessori classroom and with a Montessori Mom affected them? I wish you could meet them so I didn't have to brag. They are strong, independent young women. They have good study habits. They love school. They treat others with respect. Most importantly, they treat themselves with respect.

Every day I am so thankful to be a Montessori teacher and Montessori MOM. Thank you, Maria Montessori.
~Sharlene Brown, Dec 2013